TYSTION - Biographical Details

'Hip Hop Poetry in Motion in the Mother Tongue

TYSTION ( THE WITNESSES) were formed in October 1996 by two young lads - MC SLEIFAR (Steffan Cravos) and G MAN (Gruff Meredith) when together they came up with the mad idea of recording a Welsh language rap album . 500 gallons of lager and 12 months later they released RHAID I RHYWBETH DDIGWYDD('Something's got to happen') on their own FITAMIN UN record label . The album was a mixture of hip hop , funk ,drum and bass , techno and rap . By releasing the album they hoped to destroy the myth that Wales is just about boring shit like choirs ,chapels and mountains . As G MAN explains , they knew they wouldn't get away with lyrics like " I f**ked that Michelle in the Kitchen /Man that bitch was twitching" - instead they rapped about going to the Spar to buy a packet of Wagon Wheels or doing handbreak turns in TESCO's or getting wrecked in a field and sleeping in a hedge , munching on a twig . In 1998 the newly revitalized ANKSTMUSIK Record label fell in love with their music and their politically charged

pop sensibilities and took tracks from their album and released them on the BREWER SPINKS 12" single . It did the trick - people started to take notice . The Melody Maker made it their single of the week saying " this as they say is the bomb , and despite it not being in my mother tongue it's pretty fuckin brilliant" . Comparisons were made with NWA, De La Soul and The Pharcyde . As well as delighting some music fans the record also confused some , with The Big Issue debating whether they were terrorists or not (Doh!) . More people started to take notice and they began working on their next album in late 1998 . As they recorded they also played all over Wales and managed to become recognized as the most exciting new Welsh band around . Recent gigs were reported in the NME along the following lines - 'this is an anarchic shattering of a rosy idyll , crushed under the sampled ranting of TWIN TOWN's Lewis brothers .TYSTION are a Welsh Hip-Hop band .But , quiet at the back , they're actually very

good . F*ck off to racism , f*ck off to lazy clich? and f*ck off to tradition .The past may be mines , but the future's theirs .'

The album -SHRUG OFF YA COMPLEX is finished and released in June

"Shrug Off Ya Complex" -TYSTION


1. ...oedfa'r bore

And now at a quarter past ten , the Welsh Morning service ...oedfa'r bore , ymunwn a'r gynulledifa yn y Tabernacl , Egwlys Bresbyteraidd Cymru mewn gwasanaeth o dan arweiniad y gweinidogion newydd ....... For the Welsh Morning service we join the audience in the Tabernacl under the direction of the new ministers.......


Ie dyma yn arall Yeah , here's another one

Da ni nol! We are back!

Da ni nol! We are back!

Symwch o'r ffordd Move out of the way!

Da ni'n symud trwodd We are moving through

Symwch o'r ffordd Move out of the way

Da ni'n symud trwodd We are moving through

Dyma un tywyll Here's a shady one

Dyma un arall Here's another one

Na ,da ni ddim calach No , I'm none the wiser

Ond di nhw ddim yn deall But they'll never understand

I'r cyd destyn dwi'n perthyn The context I come from

Am y meic dwi'n estyn It's the mic I reach for

Dim canu,gwenu na chwerthin No singing, grinning or laughing

Ond ma na barch I OG There's respect for OG

Ma na barch I John G There's respect for John G

Mae na barch I Ceri C There's respect for Ceri C

Mae na barch I bawb sydd yny ty Respect for everyone that's in the house

Symwch o'r ffordd Out of the way!

Da ni'n symud trwodd We're moving through

Symwch o'r ffordd Out of the way

Da ni'n symud trwodd We're moving through


A'i dyma'r gem o chwarae'r system Is this system just a game ?

Ni mynd i roi gwen ar bob gwep OK we'll put a smile on every face

Ma fwy i hyn na'r edrychiad cyntaf There's more to this than meets the eye

Y gair I glyst Our words expose

I bob twyll sy'n dyst The lies around us

Wastad ar frys I can't stop

Dwi'n socian mewn chwys Soaked in sweat

Osgoi bob sgam Avoiding the pitfalls

Pob sgamstar dan din Avoiding the timewasters

Pob trac bach blin Running around the country

Rhuthro rownd y wlad

Efo'r rhyddid mae rhyddhad With freedom comes relief

Da ni yma I ganfod be sy'n neud ni dicio We're here to find out what makes us

tick and what makes the music click

A mae'r trac yn clicio

Pwy sy'n gweld a pwy sy'n ddall Who can see? Who is blind?

Pwy sy'n ffyddlon a pwy sy'n gall Who is commited? And who is sane?

Dal I gicio'n erbyn y tresi Still kicking against the pricks

Dwi di cael digon o'r gormesi Enough of this oppresion

Hen bryd I adfywio Cymru About time to re-energise Wales

Rhai di ni uno a threfnu Let's unite and organise

Codi ein lleisiau yn y trefi Make ouselves heard in the towns

Newch chi byth ein sathru We'll never get trampled on

Dim cyfaddawdu No compromise

Dal yma'n anadlu Still here breathing

Jyst yn mynd amdani Jyst going for it

Damio chi sydd am fy nghladdu Damn those who want to bury me

Dwi'n dallt y dalltings - I know Y'Know

I ddallt y D's gewch gyda ni To know the score come with us

Lawr llwybr llon heb amser bron Down the jolly road where we can

I siarad mynegi nac esbonio Speak ,explain and debate

Dim amser i ni gael ein concro There's no time for defeat

I ddallt y D's dewch gyda ni To know the score , come with us

Gwnewch cymwynas I chi eich hun Make yourself a promise

Cerdded ymlaen gyda'r sin To walk forward with the scene

Dwi'n dallt y dalltings I Know Y'Know


Tystion yn rehab Tystion in rehab

Tystion yn rehab - yo! Tystion in rehab - yo!

Ffycin Hell Ffycin Hell F****in Hell F****in Hell

Carbon monoxide yn yr awel Carbon monoxide in the atmosphere

Bad Boys on hongian ar y gornel Bad Boys on street corners

Nos Lun blin yn Caerfyrddin A lousy Monday night in Carmarthen

Ffyc ol i neud fan hyn F***k all worth doing here

Pigo ffycin stwmps off y pafin Picking F***in stumps off the floor

O'n i'n teimlo reit arw I was feeling quite rough

Es i lawr i'r clwb nos I went down to the nightclub

Odd o fel fod rhwyun wedi marw It was like someone had died

Odd y lager yn fflat The lager was flat

Ordro peint o chwerw I ordered a pint of bitter

O ni'n teimlo fel fy mod i am dorri lawr Feeling like I'm falling apart

Y DJ trio'i ore i glirio'r llawr The DJ's doing his best to clear

the dancefloor

Dyma'r math o lefydd dwi'n mynychu This is the kind of place I go to

Dyma'r math o lefydd dwi'n mynychu This is the kind of place I go to

Meddwi'n gachu a dwi byth yn tynnu Blind drunk and I never pull

So es i'r bog a dechrau crynu Went to the bog , started to shake

Swp o sal bron a llwgu Sick as a pig and starving

Nes i anghofio ffycin bwyta heddiw Forgot to f***in eat today

Fydd y bws yn mynd i mhen I All that booze going to my head

Isio coli,colli,colli pwyse Gotta lose,lose,lose weight

So ros i gore i fwyta OK so I give up eating

Diet o ffags a gwin yn unig A diet of fags and wine only

A dweud hwyl fawr wrth yr afu Say goodbye to the liver

Yna nes i ddechre crafu I start to itch

Ffycin Hell F****in Hell

Ge si scabies I've got scabies

Ma rwbath yn bod hefo 'nghalon Something's wrong with my heart

Ymbelydredd yn effeithio ar fy hard on Radiation's affecting my hard-on

Ffoniais am dacsi ar y ffon symudol Phoned for a taxi on my mobile

Ath fy brain tiwmor yn ddifrifol My brain tumour's getting serious

Ges I psychosis , I got psychosis

yn datblygu i mixamatosis That's developing into mixamatosis

Ffycin Hell golles i'n olwg F***in Hell I've gone blind

Dal V.D. gyda gwleidydd amlwg I've got VD off a famous politician

Golles i'n meddwl am sytem nerfus Lost my mind and my nervous system

Golles i'n nghoes , I lost a leg

mynd yn wahanglwyfus To a dose of leprosy

Ges i dose wael o bronchitis A bad attack of Bronchitis

Ma nhw'n ffeindio fi ar y stryd They'll find me dead on the streets

wedi marw o ffycin Halitosis , yeah Dead from Halitosis - Yeah !

Dwi dal i stressio amdanat ti I'm still worrying about you

Yn gaeth i rheolau bach hy Imprisoned by silly little rules

Poteli o win dros y llawr Wine bottles all over the floor

Finne'r myg yn diodde nawr I'm the mug , suffering now

Torri calon , teimlo'n sal Broken hearted , feeling sick

Oh shit bywyd ar chwal Oh shit , my life's a mess

At y doctor , ceisio cael pil Get to the doctor , take a pill

Nol ar y tracs ond still Back on my feet , but still ..

Be am heno? What about tonight?

Be am yfory? What about tomorrow night?

Be os fetha'i ddefro ,codi? What if I never wake up ?

Be am y pryd bwyd nesa? What about the next meal?

Dylwn i ,ond sae'n trafferthu I know I should care ,but I don't

Garej pasti canol nos , Midnight pasties from the Garage

lager sglods a tost Lager ,Chips and Toast

Be am bres i brynu bwyd ? Money for food ?

Mae'r becso ma neud fi'n llwyd All this worrying is bringing me down

A pethe gore bywyd ma? What about the good things in life?

Fi ffili forddio rent , dwi ishe car I can't afford the rent, I need a car

Ishe prynu c.d.'s a byw'n iach I want to buy c.d.'s and be healthy

Ond creda fi ffili handlo'r strach But I can't hack the stress

So fi'n gadael tai hefo bills ar ol So I leave houses full of unpaid bills

Os na rywbeth gwell na bod ar y dol Is there anything better than the dole?

Felly rapio ar y meic a rhoi fy nghes So I rap at the mic and state my case

Ond well gynnai fod heb unrhyw bres I 'd rather have no money

A sgrimpio sleifio un dau tri And scrimp and sgam it

Na llyfu tinnau S4C Than lick a corporate S4C arse

Ar ol i fi farw , rhoi nghofidion gadw When I die , my worries

disappear........ When I die ,

Ar ol i fi farw , rhoi nghofidion gadw My worries disappear .

Dwi'm yn siwr am y pork chops I'm not sure abut those pork chops

Nes I yfed nhw lawr hefo Alcopops I washed them down with Alcopops

Y Wermod lwyd yn gwella'r symptomau Wormood helps the symptons

Wel wel wel dwi'n gobeithio am y gore Hope for the best ,Hold on

Hold on, mae na boen yn fy stymog I've got a pain in my stomach

A rwan dwi dihuno mewn chwys oer Waking up in a cold sweat

Yn olau'r lleuad In the moonlight

Mae nhw'n cae'r caead cyn hir They're closing the bottle soon

Ie dwi'n deud y gwir Yeah ,I'm telling the truth

Mae na boen arall yn fy arennau There's a pain in my kidneys

Ffyc knows be sy'n ein pennau Fuck knows ,what my head's like

Rwan mae na bwysau ar fy lungs Now there's pressure on my lungs

Fy ysgyfaint , y peiriant pwer My Lungs ,the power machine

Yn llawn o hylif Is full of liquid

Dwi'm yn meddwl fod o'n funny I don't see the funny side

Mae na boen yn fy balls There's a pain in my balls

Yn estyn hyd fy mhen ol Reaching around to my arse

Hwyrach mae o'n Maybe they'll expand

Chwyddo fel melons mawr Like giant melons

Ran chi'n coelio fi nawr You've gotta believe me

Dwi'n siwr.dwi'n sicr fod fy stymog In sure my stomach

Bron a Burstio Is about to explode

Straight up dwi rioed di ffycin trystio Straight up ,I can't believe it

Llosgi fynyn mae'r cyhyrau'n tynnu Burning up ,muscles tightening

Yo Yo dwi dal ar dir y byw Yo Yo ,still in the land of the living

Dal gras dynol rhyw At the mercy of the human condition

Wastad efo'r ffycin ffliw . Always full of f***in flu


Gonna shrug off the complex with help from my lyrics Not the result of a match or headlines we catch

A way forward , new century

Figuring out how to be free

Stop getting impeded , motivation's needed

It comes from within , so let us begin

Shrugging off the complex

it's more than a reflex

Not afraid to stand out or shout

Not part of this British State so we're getting rid of our hate Our country's coming back to us

No bother , no mess , no fuss , no less than we expect

Got to direct anger in a positive way

Tystion here join the fray

Yeah bang bang beats and rhymes we're

moving ahead of our times

Ie camu mlaen byth sbio'n ol Stepping forward , not looking back

camu mlaen byth sbio'n ol Stepping forward , not looking back

Edrch ymlaen i'r dyfodol Look to the future

c'mon amser bod yn benderfynol C'mon , it's time to be decisive

Shrug off the complex

Ie hyn , llall neb dim callach This 'n that nobody's any the wiser

Gormod o leisiau , neb a ddyfeisiau Too many voices , no one's innovating

Eisiau bod yn gryf a welwn y dydd? We have to be strong, will that day


Angen asgwrn cefn Hwlffordd i We need a backbone from Hwlffordd to

Wrecsam Wrexham

Anodd gwneud efo pawb Can't do anything with everyone

Ar y sgam On the sgam

Dwi'n llwgu,llosgi trosi a throsi I'm starving,burning up,tossing and


Ffili ymlacio cael ein crogi I can't relax I'm being strangled

Angen rheolau ni ein hun We need our own rules

a ddim cael trin fel machine We can't be treated like a machine

Angen torri , addysgu hunan hyder Break free ,and start teaching self


I ddod a ni allan o'r gwter If we are to leave the gutter

Codi lan nawr ,off y llawr Get up , NOW !

1,2,3, pwy sy wir yn cyfri ? 1,2,3, Who really counts?

Hei John Dough wyt ti dal o ddifri ? Hey Jo Public are you still serious

Yn gwynebu pwerau mawr In the face of major powers

Da ni cael ein sathru fel We are being trampled like

Malwen ar lawr Snails on the ground

Da ni'n slow y'all We're slow , y'all

Sgen ti Blow ? Sgen ti Chwim ? Got any blow?Got any speed?

Na ! Sgen a'i ddim No! I have none

Cos dwi isio meddwl clir Cos I need a clear mind

I hawlio'n hyn , mae'n ddigon blaen To save my rights, it's clear

Mae'n hollol blaen And totally obvious

Annibynol , Tanddaearol Independent ,Underground

Llais chwyldro yn yr ardal The voice of revolution in the area

Yn darlledu I'r genedl Transmitting to the nation

A'r donfedd gyfrinachol On a secret wavelength

Dyma Dyma Sleifar Sleifar Heeeere's Sleifar !!!!!!!


Bygythiad I'r sefydlaid A threat to the establishment

Rebel gweithgar A working rebel

Cynllwynio'r chwyldro Planning the revolution

Fydd Cymru'n ffrwydro Will Wales explode ?

Dwi'n aros am fy nghyfle I'm waiting for my chance

I ymladd am fy hawlie To fight for my right

Dwi onest, onest I'm honest ,honest

Dwi byth yn cysgu I never sleep

Dal methu cymysgu I can't mix it

Gyda'r Deyrnas with the Kingdom

Sy'n gwneud fi'n wan It makes me weak

Dwi isio gweiddi damn I want to shout Damn

Dwi isio gwybod pam I want to know why

Rymblo ,Rymblo ar y stryd Rumble,rumble on the streets

Cicio'r crap YO ar y cyd Kick the crap YO

I mewn i hyn da ni i gyd ! This is what we're in to ..

Erbyn hyn dio ddim yn fater o gael gelyn It's not about having enemies

Sdim byd wrong hefo chwarae'r delyn There's nothing wrong with playing the


Kick against the system

That's not the point

You'll never get any solace smoking a joint

What's the point

You sit in front of the tele

You sit still

That's when the enemy comes in for the kill

And the best from of defence is attack

And this conviction

I will never lack

The people inside of me tire me

Get a grip hold onto it

I don't give a shit what goes on inside of it

In the side , genocide

In the sights , suicide

On the bright side

Inner sight moments like

Shrug off the complex

Yeah Yeah coming on strong gyda'r TYSTION

Never gonna quit , never going legit

From the wrong side of the law

Got a lotta rhymes in store

Making the feet raw

Making connections , major selections

Time for a change in direction

What the hell give us a written constitution

Further devolution

Voice for the nation

Shrug off the complex

Everyday life

Politics over filthy guitar licks

Watch out London

Don't have to give a reason for keeping on

If our stance is treason

We ain't justifying aggression

We don't have to justify anything

Hip hop poetry in motion

Streets are in commotion

Out mother tongue was stolen

The lies of lay men

They tried to crush the nation

Henry VIII destroyed our religion

Burnt our books stole out faith

Our history is a set of lies agreed upon

But some has another notion

And over the years planned revolution

Shrug off the complex

Shrug off the complex






"Don't hit us , I won't do it again"

Yh ! lle mae'r parti? Yh ! Where's the party ?

Pwy da chi 'te? Who are you then?

Hey hey dyma MC Sleifar Hey Hey here's MC Sleifar

Gyda odlau clyfar wedi storio yn fy pager With clever rhymes stored in my pager

Mewn cyd destyn trydanol In an electronic context

Tystion gyda cynllun gwahanol The Tystion have a diffeent plan

Ma'n rhaid i'r bas fod yn fyddarol The Bass has to be deafning

Gwatsio mas pan da ni yn dy ardal Watch out ,we're in your area

Gatecrashers profesiynol Profesisonal Gatecrashers

Yn dilyn y dorf o'r dafarn Following the crowd form the pub

I barti llwyr dieithrin To a stanger's party

Gofyn ar y drws am Rhys Ask for Rhys on the door

Gadael ni mewn dim chwys We're in ,no sweat .

Fi a Mr G. Me and Mr G

Ail leisio fy chaos theory With our own Chaos theory

Codi uffern ym mhob parti Create chaos in every party

Dwyn eich lager , dwyn eich wisgi Nick your lager , swipe your whisky

Draw i'r gegin hefo rucksack Into the kitchen with a rucksack

Dwyn botel o win a dwyn four pack Pinch a bottle of wine and a fourpack

Agor y fridge Open the fridge

Cos dwi moyn snack Cos I need a snack

Dwyn ham a botel arall o win Take some ham and onother bottle

Nabio'r bacwn selsig a ffowlyn Take the bacon ,sausage and chicken

Duw dros bawb a pawb dros ei hun God takes care of everyone and everyone takes

care of themselves Fridgeraider

Dwi'n fridgeraider I'm a fridgeraider

Yo Yo efo MC Sleifar dwin'n mynd Yo Yo I'm here with MC Sleifar

Mas am llai na ffeifar Out with less than a fiver

Dwyn eich diodydd Taking your drinks

Dwyn eich merched Taking your girlfriends

Wastad yn rhedeg Always running

Byth yn cerdded Never walking

Achos ma pawb ar ein holau Cos everyone's after us

A welsoch chi ein symbolau? Did you see the evidence ?

Ie ,fridges gwag , poteli gwag Empty fridges,empty bottles

Partis yn picio pan da ni ar y sin Parties peak when we ar eon the scene

Ffeindio merch a hi di'r cwin Finding a girl to make my Queen

A fi di brenin y parti 'ma Cos I'm the king of this party

Hitio'r decks , pwmpio'r bas Hitting the decks ,pumping the bass

Jaffa'n cyrraedd , rocio'r teras Jaffa's here , rocking the terrace

Dai L dau un dau i ddim Dai L good for nothing

sortio'r bits a rapio'n chwim Mixing beats and rapping

Welsoch chi'r tystiolaeth? Did you see the evidence?

Achos efo ni mae'r rheolaeth Cos we are in charge

Peidio gwrando peidio derbyn We don't listen ,we don't accept

Rheolau ni , neb yn ein herbyn We follow our own rules

Galwadau ar y symudol ac Messages on the mobile

off a ni i rywle arall hudol And we're off to a magical place

Partis yn y dre neu cefn gwald Partied in town or in the sticks

popeth popeth ar y rhad Everything is on the cheap

Tystion yn torri trwodd TYSTION breaking through

I'ch ymenydd swn ysblenydd In your brain , splendid sounds

I'ch ymenydd swn ysblenydd

Yo Yo G-MAN, G-MAN be di'r plan ? Yo Yo G-Man,What's the plan ?

Fridgeraider .

Okey-dokes da ni'n cymryd llwnc O.K. Down it goes

Da ni yn lwyddo da ni yn methu We succeed , we fail

Da ni yn eich parti , yn eich ty We're in your party , in your house

Pump eilliad dwi di ffeindio'r whisgi In five seconds I've found your whisky

Roedd y ferch yna , yn teimlio'n ffrisci Find the girl ,feeling frisky

Can't be assed Can't be assed

"Ti di'r ferch fwya hardd" "Your the most beautiful girl..."

Dwi'n rhoi ti off yn syth I've put her off sraight away

Dwi'n meddwl am ffurfiau cudd I'm thinking of secret plans

sdwffio fo dwi'n mynd i bwshio fo i'r pen I'm taking it to the limit

fel Ladi Wen

Nes I guddio dan y bwrdd Hiding under the table

Bwyta bits of fwyd Eating scraps of food

Sdim caws ar ol yn y fridge No cheese left in the fridge

Ma'r cwrw wedi mynd The beer's all gone

I mewn I'm mol dim ffys dim lol In my stomach , no problem

He he It'll never come back , Hee Hee Ddaw o byth yn ol


White trash yn struglo am y cash White trash,struggling for the cash

Ar strydoedd Caerfyrddin ar Bala On the streets of Carmarthen and Bala

Chwilio chwilio am chwalfa Looking for a bust -up

Byth a beunydd yn y ddalfa Always in the cells

Watsio mas am y camera CCTV Watch out for the CCTV Camera

Sy'n dal i wylio That's always watching

Da ni'n cario mlaen i grashio We still keep on crashing

Fridgeraiders.... Fridgeraiders


12. .....Tabernacl


Tystion unwaith eto'n glanio Tystion have landed again

Cymryd bwell at grand piano Taking an axe to a grand piano

Arllwys petrol drosto a'i danio Cover it in petrol and ignite

Tan yw dy ffrind gore yn y byd Fire is your best friend

Pan yn dywyll ag oer When it's cold and dark

Mae'n dy gadw yn glud It keeps you warm

Pridd - rhaid ei barchu The Earth - You've got to respect it

Pan yn tyfu a phlannu When you're planting and growing

Neu yn codi dy dy arni Or building your house

Dwr yw rhodd y cymyle Water is a gift form the clouds

I dy gadw rhag syched To keep us from thirst

A golchi dy gyhyrau And to wash our bodies

One weithiau mae'r elfennau But sometimes the elements are the enemy

Yn gallu bod dy elyn When the water drowned the valley

Pan fod dwr yn boddi'r dyffryn I wasn't even born

On I heb fy ngeni But I remember Tryweryn

Ond dwi'n cofio Tryweryn

Watsiwch allan Watch out ,

Rhyddiaith , llenyddiaeth it's literature and poetry

Da ni'n bwydo'r arddull We are feeding the styles of

Y dull ol foderniaeth Post modern living

Dim sylw academaidd No academic analysis

Dim hedldu iaith ar daith No language police in the area

Sawl gwath ma nhw'n myggio ein How many times will they mug

Rhaglenni teledu Our television programmes

Hollol amherthnasol Totally irrelevant

Sdim angen bod yn glyfar medde There's no need to be clever

Sleifar a fi Say Sleifar and me

Jyst dod mlaen a'r busnes o greu gwlad newydd Just get on with the business

Da ni ar agor rhwybryd Or creating a new country

Da ni'n cofio Tryweryn We remember Tryweryn

Mae na barch I Llywelyn There's repsect for Llywelyn

Ma'r Haf yn felyn The Summer is yellow

Dwi'n clywed tannau'r delyn I can hear harp strings

Dim ond trwy gyfathrebu It's only through communication

yr allwn ddehongli That we can understand

Bob peth sy' wedi digwydd Everything that's happened

A mwynhau agor drysau newydd And enjoy opening new doors

Trwy gwrando ,rhesymu fe By listening and reasoning

Gawn wared o'r Gorthrwm We'll get rid of oppression

Dysgwn , enillwn , We'll learn - we'll win

diffaith fydd y pastwn It's about time that the history of Wales

Mae'n hen bryd I hanes Cymru Gets the platform it deserves

Cael y llwyfan mae hi'n ei haeddu

ie Cofiwch Dryweryn Remember Tryweryn

Gwrthsafiad gan y werin Resisitance by the people

Gweld y dyfodol mae'n gwella yn flynyddol I can see the future,improving every year

Ein dwylo ar y llyw Our hands on the wheel

Ma'n pobl ni yn dryw Our people faithful

Dim pennau yn y niwl No heads in the clouds

Ni di cyrraedd pen y rhiw We've reached the summit

Lawr yr allt o hyn ymlaen It's downhill from now on

Ma'r sgwennu ar y maen It's written

Ni angen craen C'mon we're out in front .

Tyrd laen , ni ar y blaen

Ma'r ffiws yn mynd y fyr The fuse is getting short

A dwi gweld trwy y triciau budr I can see through the dirty tricks

Fel haen o wydr Like a pane of glass

Rhegi dan fy anal Swearing to myself

Dwi'n benderfynnol I'm decisive

Fel Saunders a D.J. Like Saunders and D.J.

Yn llosgi lawr yr hen ysgol When they burnt down the old school

Mae'r hadau wedi hau The seeds have been sown

Sdim ffiniau I'n syniadau There's no boundaries to the ideas

Rhywstrau I fewn I eiriau Turn hindrances into words

Sianeli diffaith I fewn I odlau Turn devastaiton into rhymes

Dwi'n cofio tre fechan yn chwe deg dau I remeber a small town in '62

Cofiwch Tryweryn ,gwrthsafiad gan y werin . Remember Tryweryn ,Resistance from the

People .




Dyma'n Rheg! This is my curse

Dyma'n Rheg! This is my curse


Pwy ffwc , Pwy ffwc sy'n rheoli Who's in charge , Who's in f***ing charge

Pwy ffwc sy'n rheoli? Sneb yn holi Who? Nobody wants to know

Chware teg i William Hauge Fair play to William Hague, uh?

Dwi'n mynd i gael dryll a'i I'm getting a gun

saethu yn ei geg To blow a hole in his mouth

Bydd y gwaed yn rhedeg lawr Blood pouring down his

ei siwt Moss Bross Moss Bross suit

Wet Tory Ffycin Toss Wet Tory F***in Toss

Gewn ni weld wedyn pwy yw'r boss Now , who's the boss ?

Cos dwi ishe dweud fy neud I want my chance to speak

Heb flewyn ar fy nhafod No restrictions on my diction

Dim Stondin Sulwyn yw hwn yn trafod This ain't no cosy debate

Yn ei hanfod mae digon i'w ganfod Basically there's enough to discover

Mewn hanes cyfoethog iaith mor fywiog With a rich history and a lively


Rhaid gwaeddu'n ddi ddiwedd Why are we always having to shout

er mwyn cael ein clywed To get ourselves heard

Ond mae'n ffaith But it's a fact

Dwi'n byw mewn coloni sy'n gaeth I don't live in a free society

Uchelgais y Shylock yma ydy And this Shylock's out to get

cael eu bwys o gnawd His pound of flesh

Mae'n ffawd ,brawd , mae'n ffycin ffawd It's fate , mate !


Rhaid yw ei tynnu i lawr They've got to be pulled down

Rhai gwyrdd rhai glas The green ones , the blue ones

Rhai bach rhai mawr The small ones , the large ones


Coch gwyn a gwyrdd yw fy lliwiau Red , white and green they are my colours

Glyndwr, Llywelyn fy nuwiau Glyndwr and Llywelyn are my heroes

A'r tir pur , afonydd clir And the pure lands and clear streams

Dwi'm isio bod yn hipi I don't want to be a Hippy

I bawb sy'n meddwl am rhyddiwio For those who want to stand still

Sy'n meddwl fod rhyddid For those who think freedom will

Yn caethiwo Enslave us

Sdim amser I ffycin gellweirio There's no time to see it as a joke

Fel o ni'n deud , gwneud We've got to walk it like we talk it

SLEIFAR - Be sgen ti ddeud? What have you got to say?


Yo! Pere , pere pererindod Yo! We're on a pilgrimage

Be ni angen yw ffycin undod We have to be united

Mae'n gwireddu y ddelwedd We have to realise the final image

Mae'n gwneud fi ishe gerdded lawr I want to race down Rhigia Mawr

Rhigia Mawr

A dyma'n rheg , hand grenade This is my curse - hand grenade

A bwrw'r maen i'r wal It's time to throw the first stone

I weld be sydd I'w gael

Ar streic ar streic nol i Dai ar y meic Strike , strike , back to Dai on the mike.



Da ni'n torri lawr y ffiniau We're breaking down the borders

Gan ddechre gyda'ch cynlluniau Starting with their master plans

Tra'n anelu uchel gyda'r Tystion Aiming high with the TYSTION

yn y cyffiniau

Da ni'n rocio heb drafferth o gwbl We can rock , no problem

Y beats ar miwsic allan o drwbwl The beats and music take us out of

Yn lle smashio a thrais dwi'n iwsio trouble , instead of destruction and

fy ffycin llais Violence I use my words and voice

Dwi di cael digon o wlad yn mynd yn wrong I had enough of being told I'm


Ti yn dy ffiniau off dy luniau Off your knees

Cynllunio , dylunio yw'r cwest plan and design the future

Gadael y gorffenol llunio'r dyfodol leave the past create the future

Gadael y gorffenol llunio'r dyfodol leave the past create the future

Cymru rydd llawn o ffydd A free Wales built on faith

Cymru rydd llawn o ffydd. A free Wales full of faith